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4 Valuable Skills You Should Have if You Want a Career In Financial Services

  • August 08, 2018

The Financial Services sector is always evolving however there are certain career skills which lay the foundations to propelling your success in the role. Knowing which qualities are most in-demand is helpful in driving your career.

Here we have 4 valuable skills you should have if you want a career in Financial Services

Research and planning:

Research and planning are used across all sectors of the financial landscape and enables you to gather information and then use it effectively. 

You’ll need to have the ability to set a goal, based on relevant information and implement a plan to achieve it. It’s important that you can fairly analyse these results. 

Research and planning skills include:

  • Able to identify needs and required resource from the being able to set goals and identifying the best courses of action

  • Gathering relevant information and evaluating results by being able to analyse, interpret and disseminate information

  • Forecasting, predicting and monitoring situations

Having this skill in your arsenal will help forge a successful career in financial services and will help you stay organised and on track in your career.

Communication and networking:

Whether you’re entry-level or qualified within the industry having faultless communication skills isn’t just an asset but a necessity. You’ll be engaging with a range of different people such as colleagues, employers and clients. Some of those that you speak to might not have a financial background and you may have to communicate complex ideas in much simpler terms.  It is the skill that can effectively manage the importance of conveying thoughts with listening to others and understanding what they want to communicate too.

Communication skills include:

  • Writing concisely through email, documents and reports

  • Speaking effectively and relaying information or ideas in the correct way. This is something you will have to negotiate depending on the knowledge of the person you’re talking to

  • Expressing thoughts and ideas positively this is especially important when you’re negotiating and trying to persuade others

  • Presenting skills are especially important when you have to present ideas to a group of people

The way you communicate may also need to adapt for the company you’re in: if it is a corporate and professional environment you’ll need to assume that communication style.

Interpersonal skills:

Closely related to the above, interpersonal skills can be a huge bonus when applying for a job in the finance sector.  The focus on being able to successfully contribute in group situation to complete tasks.  You may be required to relate and understand your client: developing rapport, trust and empathy and adapting the goal to both party’s needs.

Key interpersonal skills include:

  • Stakeholder management: developing rapports by having the emotional intelligence and knowledge to adjust to different situations

  • Having the humility to share credit and also accept responsibility

  • Contributing and encouraging the ideas of others: respecting opinions of others

Leadership and management:

Depending on where you are in your career, you’ll have a variant amount of responsibility. If you’re aiming to grow your career to management level, these are key skills you’ll need to work on and develop. If you’re already in a management position then these are qualities you should already possess to be successful in your role, but if not then they’re skills you can work on to become an even better leader. It’s in your interest, your teams and the company’s to direct and motivate your team to carry out tasks successfully.

 Key transferable skills include:

  • Planning and coordinating tasks and delegating responsibilities

  • Making and implementing decisions

  • Motivating and training others

  • Solving problems and managing conflict

These 4 valuable skills should be evident in your CV, your cover letter or explained within examples in your career history, if you’re applying for a job in this sector.  To establish a strong career in financial services work on strengthening and mastering the above.

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