06. 02. 2024

Unwanted gifts – a bit of a New Year clear out?

It’s sort of an unwritten part of Christmas that somewhere along the line, we will receive an unwanted gift of some description. Not unwanted stemming from being ungrateful; more that it is not useful or might not be to our taste, although it may be a very nice item, nevertheless.

Of course, you cannot tell the giver this nor can you exchange the gift if there is no gift receipt, and so the polite thing to do is smile and say ‘thank you’.

Thinking about this situation brought to my mind that we can compare this to other situations in our day-to-day lives; like our job, for example.

We might be comfortable in the routine we are in but have a niggling itch that we ignore for the sake of not wanting to face making a change. This is very normal and is not of any major concern, but do you ever wonder what making that change might bring... So, now you have a fresh year ahead, why not look for a better job and write a new chapter?

They say that nothing worthwhile is easy and this is very true.  It is also said that things are never as hard as they might seem. So, as the New Year arrives and brings with it a natural air of fresh energy, why not go for it, give yourself the chance to fulfil your true potential?

The new year is a great time to have a clear out and get rid of the things we no longer want or need. Maybe it’s the right time to de-junk in all aspects of life. It feels good to challenge yourself sometimes, like taking a deep breath of fresh air!

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