07. 02. 2024

Return to the office or no promotion, Amazon says - how would that make you feel if it were you?

We are undeniably in a never-before-seen place in our professional lives where the ‘norms’ and what we once knew and accepted have transformed into a more agile, flexible model of working.  This means that many of life’s everyday issues when it comes to work have now become more manageable and predictable.  For many, gone are the days of commuting full-time to the office, buying lunch out on a daily basis or wearing formal attire.  Not only have these more obvious examples of by-products of office-based working become less of a demand, but working from home has provided the ability to balance work and home life.                                                                                            

Despite questioning levels of productivity and whether the benefit of face-to-face meetings and office camaraderie have been diluted, the figures and opinions relayed by both employees and employers show that remote working has been a positive change. Many companies reported an increase in productivity and a boost in staff morale, as employees feel trusted, valued and more secure because their employers have adapted. Employees have felt greater levels of motivation and increased well-being at work. 

Interestingly, a recent article reported that Amazon will block promotions for employees that refuse to return to the office for 3 days a week. Will this demand separate staff into two camps? Those who are so ambitious that they are keen to get back into the office and those who won’t meet the demand, leaving the company – which in reality may have been Amazon’s plan all along.

Perhaps this is a stance taken by other businesses too. Each employer has to do what is best for them, ultimately. However, this is likely to be disruptive to employees and to the general feel of the working atmosphere, leaving both employer and employee in a difficult position. One thing is for sure, a happy medium is the key to a happy workplace.

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