06. 02. 2024

We all have a hidden talent - what's yours?

As midnight struck on 31 December 2022 and we entered 2023, I remember looking at my children and wondering what new and exciting journeys the new year would hold for us.  Little did I know that I would be going on one of the most exhilarating and life changing adventures I had ever had the good fortune of experiencing!

When my eldest daughter was just a baby, I wondered what I would do in regard to work as she grew older. I am an experienced legal secretary but knew that I didn’t want to return; I wanted to be immersed in the job of being a mother. I appreciate that I am in a fortunate position, as a lot of mothers return to work for financial reasons.

Five years on from the birth of my eldest little girl, I decided to give my old boss a call and ask whether he needed a bit of help with any typing. He said he didn’t but there was something he thought I could give a go which would utilise my skills… Would I be interested in managing the firm’s social media? I confess, I was not a social media user really. Not against it but just not really in the loop, I suppose you could say, but it was an opportunity to work entirely from home and do the hours contracted around my children and life. Could I have dreamed for anything more perfect?!

I feel one has to throw everything at it when an opportunity presents itself, wholeheartedly embracing expanding one’s self. I gratefully accepted the offer. I felt that I would have to get ‘in the know’ so to speak when it comes to technology and the wonderful world of social media. Slightly daunting but feeling that this was exciting and amazing at the same time!

So I entered through the door and took a good look around!... I read a lot, social listened a lot, watched videos with guides, picked up on analytics, spoke to people that had knowledge and interest in this subject and developed a genuinely keen interest in social media. I noticed that I got quite good at it, even!

By a stroke of fate, you might say, I spoke to Jo, Jems’ MD, about a role she was advertising. It turned out that the role wasn't really suitable for me but during our conversation I mentioned, almost as a throw away comment, that I did manage social media.

Jo’s creativity plus experience of seeing talent and matching it expertly to the right job all combined in that moment! Jo asked whether I would like to manage Jems’ social media and fireworks exploded from my heart! Wow! Could it be that another truly fantastic opportunity had found me? … Or had I found it?

Either way, there is something to realise here – we all have hidden talent!

It is really whether one has ever had the opportunity to discover that talent – whatever it may be, and then become familiar enough with it that it can truly become part of you.

Never close yourself off from what you can do! We determine our path, so be determined about what craft you may discover or pick up along the way. Who knows where it could take you?...

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