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01. 10. 2018

Doctor new: how to prepare for your first day at work

Being the only Doctor Who fanatic in the office, it can be difficult to rouse any excitement from anyone else for the 7th October. This is the date of Jodie Whittaker’s official first episode as the thirteenth doctor and also the first female Doctor Who.
27. 09. 2018

How to master time management

Time is really the only capital any human being has, and the one thing he can't afford to waste - Thomas Edison
23. 09. 2018

What to do before your face to face interview

Let’s begin with congratulations, you’re probably reading this because you got the interview. Which, if that's the case, you're also on the right track: preparing for your interview shows that you’re determined and motivated to succeed.
17. 08. 2018

What makes a bad leader?

Jose Mourinho, the self-proclaimed “special one”, recently stormed out of an interview that begun to question his skillset as a manager of one of the UK's best-performing football teams. Very few can fault his track record of success. It does highlight, however, the important qualities that a leader needs to be successful.
14. 08. 2018

Typical questions asked during a Financial Services interview

An interview for a job in Financial Services can be challenging, whether it's your first or fiftieth interview. Due to the importance of the tasks, an interviewer will test your abilities to ensure you’re the right person for the job.
08. 08. 2018

4 valuable skills you should have if you want a career In Financial Services

The Financial Services sector is always evolving however there are certain career skills which lay the foundations to propelling your success in the role. Knowing which qualities are most in-demand is helpful in driving your career.