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5 Reasons Why You Should Go To A Recruiter...

  • June 04, 2018

Looking for a job is a bit like going on holiday, it’s all very exciting and you’re bursting with loads of ideas. Then you realise there are so many little things you need to do and get organised: insurance, currency exchange and having your suitcase at the correct weight, it becomes a bit more stressful!

I say a bit like going on holiday, as some obvious differences between choosing a holiday and a new job is that you probably won’t get a tan and we can almost guarantee you won’t be drinking mojitos at 10 in the morning, every morning. That aside… a lot of people when choosing a holiday or a new job go to an agency to get more clarity of what they want.  

By being screened and matched by a quality recruiter, one that both understands your needs and has a good relationship with your potential employee, will give you a massive boost during the job application process.


Here are 5 reasons why going to a recruiter is better than going direct:


1. Inside knowledge of the companies hiring
Most recruiters will have a great relationship with the potential employers and can let you know about the company, helping you decide on whether it’s the right job for you too. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the company, gaining valuable insight into the work environment. Having a holistic idea of the company, salary, job expectations and in-depth understanding of what the role entails will help ensure that the role is right for you.  

2. They know what you’ll be asked in the interview
Each company differs when it comes to interviews: some have HR interview you, some will have your manager or director. The recruiter will be able to tell you who will be interviewing you and a bit about them. You’ll also get a better understanding of how the interview will progress, the different stages and most importantly what the interviewer likes to hear. Unless a job seeker has interviewed with the company before, or knows someone who has, it’s unlikely you’ll know what to expect.

3. They can let you know feedback information to you
Once the interview is over all you can think about is the things you should have said, whether they noticed you spilled a bit of coffee down your shirt and stuttered on the question about your greatest achievement at work. You know it isn’t interview-etiquette to hound HR for their feedback so having a recruiter, means you’ll have someone who has a more direct route to the decision maker and can get the feedback you want and much quicker. Some companies can have numerous candidates going through the application process and going direct means you may never even get feedback. A good recruitment consultant will have a strong relationship so that even if it is unsuccessful, you can have constructive advice on the reasons why.

4. Provide support
Whilst this isn’t standard practice, we at Jems believe that it is incredibly important to support candidates the whole way throughout the application process. Having a recruitment consultant to have a chat with before the interview can help refresh your memory of the job, what to ask and what is expected. Having a quick chat after the interview can offload some concerns and offer reassurance too. Feeling as though you aren’t doing it alone and having a recruitment expert to lean on can be a massive confidence boost.

5. Can negotiate salary
It recruiter will be aware of how much a company can, potentially stretch to for a job. Especially if they really want you. If the salary is the deal breaker then they can act as the middle man between you and your new employer, without you having to get into the awkward chat about salary with your potential new company. You might not feel comfortable about discussing your salary or negotiating for fear of looking like you’re only interested in the money.

When it comes to choosing what method, you want to secure a new job, there are always pros and cons so it’s important to do what feels right for you. All we can do at Jems is promise to uphold our mission of giving truthful and clear advice to support you through every part of the processes.  You can feel confident that the relationships we have with our clients mean we have a good feel for the right match and we will only put you forward for a role that culturally fits you and your requirements.



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