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Every business is different and we ensure that we understand the unique aspects of your organisation. We conduct a thorough screening process so our candidates will not only match the skills required but have the right personality too.

Active jobs

Team Coordinator

Team coordinator, updating systems, tracking costs and organising travel. You will be a highly organised, with strong administration skills

Social Media & PR Executive

Social media & PR role, creating strategy, content and scheduling across social platforms, PR opportunities, relationships with brand partners.

Business Development Manager - Technology

Senior BD role, full sales cycle, tech industry experience, new business & tenders, planning/ implementing BD strategies UK/internationally.

Junior Administrator

Administrative role processing electronic and paper documentation, using various computer systems, and liaising with customers and third parties.

Meet our Office and Business Support Team

Jo Samuels

Jo Samuels

MD and Recruitment Director
Niki Shapiro

Niki Shapiro

Senior Recruitment Account Manager

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10. 07. 2024

Exams: More Than Just a Grade

GCSE and A Level results are not far off, with many university graduates already finding out their grades. And while the pressure to get good results is real, there's more to exams than just a grade. They're not just about memorising facts and writing them on paper within the allocated two hours. In fact, the process of preparing for exams equips you with valuable life skills that extend far beyond the examination room. So, to anyone who feels that exams are outdated, it may be the case that they aren’t a true test of your intelligence or knowledge, but they will help you to gain many other essential skills from all those hours of revision, late night cramming and intense coursework deadlines. Without exams, you would lose these experiences which you will then build upon throughout your working life:
10. 07. 2024

Centre Court Inspiration - Is Fritz's Resilience a Lesson for the Influencer Age?

I was lucky enough to be at yesterday's Centre Court clash between Zverev and Fritz and it was a masterclass in resilience. The crowd were firmly behind Zverev initially and although a crowd usually backs an underdog, when Fritz found himself down two sets, it wasn’t just the crowd but something noticeable shifting within him. Along with the rest of the crowd, I thought it was an inevitable victory for Zverev, buoyed on by his lead. But instead of the Fritz’s body language slumping and him crumbling under the pressure, he pushed forwards and rose to the occasion.
11. 06. 2024

The Slow Burn: Why Patience and Perseverance Are Your Greatest Superpowers

We live in a world obsessed with instant gratification. We want one-click solutions, overnight success stories, and quick fixes. But when it comes to building long-term success, the truth is a little less glamorous and a lot more about the slow burn.
21. 05. 2024

Exams are a means to an end – how to navigate the path to your dream career

It’s the middle of exam season for some, and just the start for others, but think of it this way – they are just a hurdle you need to jump to get to the next stage. Whatever you are studying, however you do, there’s a career out there for you. You just need to figure out WHAT you want to do and HOW you can get there.
14. 05. 2024

Recharge and Refocus: Why Taking a Break Boosts Your Work Performance

We've all been there – working long hours, logging on at the weekend to keep up with our ever-growing to do lists, eventually staring at a computer screen in a work fog, productivity and motivation fading fast. This is where the importance of a proper break comes in. It might seem counterintuitive to step away from your work when you're feeling behind, but trust me, taking a well-deserved break is the key to coming back to work refreshed and recharged.
20. 03. 2024

2024 – A Year for Legislative Changes – Are You Up-to-Date?

It’s a year for legislative changes for employers and employees, but how much do you know about them? There are potentially 12 changes coming in throughout this year, some of which will have more impact than others, and as a business if you are unaware, you open yourself up to a variety of issues and possibly large fines. As an employee, it’s also important to know your rights and to make sure that you are being treated fairly.
07. 02. 2024

Return to the office or no promotion, Amazon says - how would that make you feel if it were you?

We are undeniably in a never-before-seen place in our professional lives where the ‘norms’ and what we once knew and accepted have transformed into a more agile, flexible model of working. This means that many of life’s everyday issues when it comes to work have now become more manageable and predictable. For many, gone are the days of commuting full-time to the office, buying lunch out on a daily basis or wearing formal attire. Not only have these more obvious examples of by-products of office-based working become less of a demand, but working from home has provided the ability to balance work and home life.
07. 02. 2024

Soft skills - a solution to skills shortages in 2024

What will the biggest challenge for hiring managers and recruiters be in 2024? Whilst it’s hard to predict, on a recent recruitment webinar, 47% of attendees felt overcoming skills shortages would be the greatest obstacle, with an increase in employees moving roles and a shortage of experienced individuals fitting hiring budgets.
06. 02. 2024

Unwanted gifts – a bit of a New Year clear out?

It’s sort of an unwritten part of Christmas that somewhere along the line, we will receive an unwanted gift of some description. Not unwanted stemming from being ungrateful; more that it is not useful or might not be to our taste, although it may be a very nice item, nevertheless.
06. 02. 2024

We all have a hidden talent - what's yours?

As midnight struck on 31 December 2022 and we entered 2023, I remember looking at my children and wondering what new and exciting journeys the new year would hold for us. Little did I know that I would be going on one of the most exhilarating and life changing adventures I had ever had the good fortune of experiencing!
22. 09. 2023

Recruiting leaders of the future: a guide

Does your business have leaders of the future? Or are you a potential leader of the future? Leaders of the future are those who are equipped to guide and shape the modern workplace. They understand current technological advances, have a passion for getting to know the business and the people within it and understand the need for corporate social responsibility within their organisations; they truly care. Employers need to be adaptable and forward-thinking when it comes to recruiting the right kind of talent who can bring a new level of strategic vision and creativity into their organisations.
08. 09. 2023

Declan Rice, Harry Kane…. how does a business replace their one big star?

This summer, West Ham United replaced Declan Rice, which many considered an impossible task. He was their best and most pivotal player, leaving a hole which goes beyond playing ability. He was the team’s captain, the morale-builder, emotional core and key person within the team. He pushed his team mates to new levels when they played alongside him.