21. 05. 2024

Exams are a means to an end – how to navigate the path to your dream career

It’s the middle of exam season for some, and just the start for others, but think of it this way – they are just a hurdle you need to jump to get to the next stage. Whatever you are studying, however you do, there’s a career out there for you. You just need to figure out WHAT you want to do and HOW you can get there.

Once you’ve survived exam season, it will be time to think “What’s next?”. There are so many pathways, university, apprenticeship degree, apprenticeships, internships, work experience, permanent work, temporary work…the list continues.

So where to begin?

First you need to explore, here’s how:

The Wonderful World of You: Self-discovery is key. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Do you crave creativity or crave stability? Journaling, personality tests (free ones online!), and talking to career coaches can all help you identify your strengths and interests. Investigate Like a Pro: Research different fields! Talk to professionals in areas that pique your curiosity. Shadow someone for a day. Volunteer in relevant settings. This hands-on experience gives you a taste of different careers and helps you rule out (or rule in!) options. Embrace the Unexpected: Don't be afraid to consider unconventional paths. Maybe that childhood dream can be translated into a lifelong career, if you don’t research all avenues, you’ll never know! Keep an open mind and explore all possibilities.

Remember: The path to your dream career isn't always linear. Exams are important, but they don't define you. Use them as a stepping stone while actively figuring out what truly motivates you. With hard work, self-discovery, and a touch of exploration, you'll be well on your way to the next step in your journey and finding your dream career!

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