10. 07. 2024

Centre Court Inspiration - Is Fritz's Resilience a Lesson for the Influencer Age?

I was lucky enough to be at yesterday's Centre Court clash between Zverev and Fritz and it was a masterclass in resilience. The crowd were firmly behind Zverev initially and although a crowd usually backs an underdog, when Fritz found himself down two sets, it wasn’t just the crowd but something noticeable shifting within him. Along with the rest of the crowd, I thought it was an inevitable victory for Zverev, buoyed on by his lead. But instead of the Fritz’s body language slumping and him crumbling under the pressure, he pushed forwards and rose to the occasion.

What unfolded was a testament to the power of digging deep. Point after point, Fritz clawed his way back, he found the winning combination of his powerful serve, plus his long forehand rallies forcing errors from his opponent. The noise of the crowd grew with each point, the players were equally matched throughout but, there can only ever be one winner in a competition. What I was watching wasn't just tennis; it was a display of unwavering grit that was exciting to watch but also inspirational – we all have some level element of resilience within us, it’s about how to tap into it.

In our age of curated online personalities and fleeting TikTok trends, Fritz's victory offered something new and refreshing. Here was a young athlete; he didn’t play a perfect game, he had to battle each point to emerge victorious. That’s the joy of watching sport, especially tennis, it can be practiced and trained but each shot is in the moment. The mental calm and resilience has to come from within – pure individual determination, the kind that requires focus, sweat, and a refusal to give up. And after 3.5 hours where both players left every ounce of energy on the court, Fritz was interviewed, out of breath, emotional and not looking perfect, but what I watched was real.

This is the kind of role model we need today. Fritz's win reminds us that success is rarely handed to us. It takes hard work, perseverance, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. It’s not just relevant to aspiring tennis players, we all have challenges which we need to overcome, whether it’s work or personal, and it is a great reminder that we have the capacity to dig that little bit deeper within ourselves.

If you have a spare 3.5 hours, watch the match! It wasn't just about a comeback victory…as Fritz lifted his arms as the victor, he was a deserved winner and showed us to never give up and how to chase our dreams, uncomplaining and with focus. I will definitely use it as a reminder to myself when needed!


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