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Jo Samuels

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Niki Shapiro

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08. 06. 2023

The evolution of recruitment over the last 20 years

The recruitment process has evolved significantly over the past two decades, where technology has played a big role in transforming and improving how businesses find new employees and candidates find new jobs. So how has recruitment has changed since the year 2000 and what advantages and challenges has this brought?
19. 04. 2023

How to...create the right social media profile

How many of us created our social media profiles, maybe aside from LinkedIn, to interact socially? And how often do you look back at your profile to check if it is still a relevant representation of yourself? With increasing cross-over between online between work and home life, especially via social media platforms, it is important to ensure that the content is suitable - professional enough for a potential employer to be satisfied, as well as giving insights into our personality and interests. Employers often check out potential employees either before offering an interview or once an interview is organised. This will include reviewing their social media accounts. There are lots of positives to this, your profile can give a real insight into your hobbies and personality, bringing your CV to life instantly. The key is to ensure that your profiles are current and suitable for business as well as for your personal contacts. So how do we create the right online image for ourselves to ensure that it is appropriate for us socially as well as when we apply for jobs?
23. 03. 2023

How To….write the perfect CV 

There’s a huge amount of information out there with regards to CVs, so we have created a step-by-step guide to help you create your perfect CV.
02. 03. 2023

Recruitment insights – the next 12 months for permanent staffing

Over the past few years, it’s been difficult to assess recruitment trends in the UK, with recruitment shrinking dramatically during 2020, followed by a surge of job vacancies, paired with an extreme shortage of candidates. Whilst this turbulent period seems to be coming to an end and evening out again, as some may have predicted, hiring the right talent for key roles within businesses is still proving a challenge for many. As members of the REC, we have summarised their most recent Jobs Outlook, focusing on permanent recruitment for the short and medium term across the private sector.
27. 01. 2023

Ask the experts: how Jems found the perfect Manager

We have been able to experience recruitment across a variety of industries and departments, building longstanding relationships with hiring managers and HR teams as we go. We have been working with this client across their business and have successfully filled Management level roles within their business in addition to recruiting Business Support staff across all of their teams.
27. 01. 2023

Ask the experts: how Jems found the perfect Executive

We have been able to experience recruitment across a variety of industries and departments, building longstanding relationships with hiring Managers and HR teams as we go. We have been working with this client across their business and have successfully filled a range of vacancies over the last few years. About the Company: Annual turnover: £6,000,000+ Number of employees: 40 full time staff with up to 40 additional temporary staff. The Bigger Picture - Recruitment Across the Organisation: Over time we have built a trusted relationship this company and they come to us with their permanent staffing needs across multiple teams, whether it is to refill a position or to match business requirements as the company progresses and grows. The Executive level role – How we helped: We were tasked to find an Executive level candidate for a specific team. The candidate was an exact match to the job requirements. Not only were they were able to do the job but also had leadership qualities, diligence and growth potential. Our Approach: The level of candidates required for this organisation is quite specific, mostly being junior level positions. Personality fit is key, with the interview process reflecting this. We have to reach beyond the CV to see the true individual through our detailed screening and interviewing process. Supporting the candidate through the entire interview process and beyond ensured the individual was fully committed this particular company, increasing the chances of a successful hire. The Result: The employee’s role and responsibilities have developed, moving up to Senior Executive level within 6 months since joining the company. What the client says about us: “It’s all very positive. The people we have had have all been very good and settled into the team and role quickly. They are always bright, articulate and professional, which is credit to how it has been managed from Jems’ end. We’ve found with Jems that the calibre of candidates is very good. They filter down candidates based on our requirements and aim to match the needs at our end.” The CVs we get are accurately screened by Jems to match our job specifications which are often weighted towards personality rather than experience. We know with Jems it isn’t a numbers game, but more that we get suitable candidates.”
25. 01. 2023

Ask the experts: how Jems found the perfect Financial Professional

We have learnt from working with Financial sector clients that the combination of skills, experience, relevant qualifications and personality need to be just right to find the perfect candidate. A true understanding of this specialism is essential for us to be able to make key connections across the industry and seek out the right individuals for our clients. We regularly update on legislative changes and market insights to ensure our advice is sound.
25. 01. 2023

Free CV template

How a CV should look. Make sure to include all of this information.
29. 07. 2022

Finding solutions? Its like a jigsaw puzzle

I tend to click on my news App first thing in the morning and click away having read a dozen issues. So where are the solutions? Are they perceived as too positive for the reader to sell stories? I have learnt a lot about problem-solving over the past year, professionally and personally, there have been plenty of issues to overcome. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle which are made up of many pieces which can be hard to decipher, so how do we find clarity and the end solution?
08. 03. 2022

Happy International Women's Day

Comment from Jo Samuels, Managing Director of Jems Recruitment:
09. 06. 2021

Recruitment - a process or an experience?

The job market is now booming, with the hiring rate reaching a 23-year high and the Permanent Placement Index showing high levels of recruitment. However, companies across a wide range of sectors are struggling to find the appropriate talent to join them. It’s so positive to hear that companies are hiring again, but it’s also providing employers with fresh challenges, how can they attract the talent needed to sustain business growth? For many, the recruitment process is just that, a process, one that is often disconnected and frustrating. But for me it’s an experience and it should be for you too.
07. 11. 2019

Why stress is good for us

It can be hard to avoid stress. Everyone faces it at some point and although we often see stress as a negative part of our lives, it can also have a positive effect on us.