19. 04. 2023

How to...create the right social media profile

How many of us created our social media profiles, maybe aside from LinkedIn, to interact socially? And how often do you look back at your profile to check if it is still a relevant representation of yourself?

With increasing cross-over between online between work and home life, especially via social media platforms, it is important to ensure that the content is suitable - professional enough for a potential employer to be satisfied, as well as giving insights into our personality and interests. Employers often check out potential employees either before offering an interview or once an interview is organised. This will include reviewing their social media accounts. There are lots of positives to this, your profile can give a real insight into your hobbies and personality, bringing your CV to life instantly.

The key is to ensure that your profiles are current and suitable for business as well as for your personal contacts.  So how do we create the right online image for ourselves to ensure that it is appropriate for us socially as well as when we apply for jobs?

Social Media Do’s

  •  Do create long-lasting and searchable content, ensuring this content is appropriate for all to see
  •  Do think about previous posts, are they suitable for your audience, including potential employers?
  •  Do use appropriate content and language which is suitable within the business world as well as socially
  •  Do match your content with your CV, including hobbies and interests
  •  Do connect with relevant people and businesses
  •  Do delete old inactive accounts
  •  Do remember, when engaging in open conversation or forums, everyone can see it! It’s OK to have an opinion but be aware that there are boundaries

Handle or Username –Is it Appropriate?

You probably set up your accounts a while ago and most likely not with work applications in mind, however, your handle portray an initial image of you to a potential employer. If you have an old one which you feel isn’t appropriate, it may be best to create a new one with job applications in mind.

Social Media Platforms for Business

There are many platforms which you can use to engage and connect in the business world, however, the line is becoming more blurred between work and social posting. It’s OK to post about your family, pets, achievements outside of work, fundraising but remember, some platforms are more business focused than others and may need your attention before applying to jobs. The obvious platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instgram and TikTok. Here are our tips to help you keep them updated and appropriate for business use:


Possibly the most relevant work-related platform and an important way of networking and connecting with people.

  •  Update your name with your job title and a sentence description of what you actually do – it instantly allows people to see your skills
  •  Update your profile with your most recent job and education/qualifications
  •  Align your profile with your CV and ensure there is enough detail throughout your profile, along with matching dates for your work history and education
  •  Switch on/off the looking for opportunities button
  •  Follow and join groups which indicates your interests – especially work-related ones
  •  Gain endorsements and recommendations for your work
  •  Ensure your profile is accurate
  • Connect with the right people who may be relevant to your career and interests


This is a conversational platform and therefore you are able to share your opinion, however maintaining a level of professionalism is important too.

  •  Follow relevant posts and interact with tweets, like and share anything that is of particular interest
  • As with other platforms, ensure all posts are professional – since it’s a platform which creates conversation, be mindful that it’s an open forum


This is an image-led platform

  •  Check that your posts are suitable for business contacts to view, professionalism is key
  •  Remove anything that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with potential work colleagues or make your account private


Facebook has mainly been more of a personal platform, however, recently its popularity has grown in the business world.

  • Ensure images, written content, videos are suitable for business contacts, again maintaining professionalism
  • Interact with posts in a professional manner


Businesses are beginning to use TikTok and it is likely to become more popular. Now is the time to check that your account is appropriate since its use in the workplace may grow very quickly.

  •  Ensure video style, language and content is appropriate for business

With social media evolving at a fast pace, it is easy for potential employers to view your accounts alongside your CV to see who the person is behind the grades and work history. Online profiles have become intertwined with work personas, therefore, it’s equally as important for you to review your social media accounts as it is to update your CV in order to create the perfect job application.

If you need any guidance or advice on your job search, including social media profiles, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help.

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