Employer Advisory Service

We also offer an employer advisory service such as salary surveys and bench marking, changes in the market, alternative fees, reducing recruitment costs overall.

Our experts can help your team get up to speed on recruitment best practices. Without the correct interview training or on boarding process, that shiny new candidate might not get the best impression of your business. We can implement the right processes to ensure your teach know what to do.

What we offer you

1. Interview technique

Whether you’re organising a panel interview, one-to-one, assessment day or a competency based line of questioning, we offer complete training for any members of your team. Developing the appropriate skills and knowledge to conduct an excellent interview will mean you obtain all of the information you want and be able to measure candidates against each other successfully.

2. Salary surveys

Through continuous market research and performing salary surveys, we can help you benchmark the salary for your vacancy, taking into account market rate, benefits and other rewards. The right salary can help you attract and retain the highest calibre of candidates… and isn’t that the aim of the game?

3. HR best practice

Through our industry  partnerships, we have access to all the right people to advise you on matters of employment law, learning and development, workplace health and safety and compensation issues. If you think you might need some help, give us a call! 

We're all about curating the perfect partnerships between brilliant people and happy businesses, creating and supporting candidates' career decisions so you can drive your business forwards with brilliant teams.