07. 05. 2018

Work Life Week: how flexibility in the workplace improves employee wellbeing

National Work Life Week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance. I have a great team and as I’ve mentioned before they mean a lot to me. They have supported me when I’ve been pulled in a million directions and therefore they deserve to be supported too. It has created a close-knit, honest and positive team environment where we are happy to help each other out, not only with work but with any issues outside of the office.

It's so important to understand that we are all human, we all have lives outside of work, whether that be family, hobbies, additional work or friends that are important to us. One thing that I noticed this year was that there were regular half day holidays being taken which then meant less longer periods of annual leave was being booked off. Whilst I like to be flexible, I also feel that employees need a “proper” break so they don’t burn out in such a high energy environment. I have now limited the number of half days allowed in one calendar year to push the team to have a true break which forces a better work/life balance.

The saying goes “all work and no play is boring”……..I think we can enjoy both by understanding our employees better and offering support, guidance and flexibility.

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