11. 06. 2024

The Slow Burn: Why Patience and Perseverance Are Your Greatest Superpowers

We live in a world obsessed with instant gratification. We want one-click solutions, overnight success stories, and quick fixes. But when it comes to building long-term success, the truth is a little less glamorous and a lot more about the slow burn.

My son was explaining to me today that although he is relieved that he is in the final week of his A-Level exams, he will then (hopefully) go on to further studies for another 3 years and then he will (hopefully) start his career. He was alluding to the constancy of work. I understood, but I explained that if he finds something he is passionate about, there will always be those moment of excitement. And if there isn’t, then it’s time to move jobs, companies or even change career entirely. Those moments are the true highlights and make the long hours spent chipping away and building a long-lasting foundation worth it.

This is highlighted at this time of year with various sporting events that take place, tennis and the Euros. The cinch Championships (Queens Tennis), the longest running, but lesser known of the tennis tournaments, is sandwiched between the French Open and Wimbledon. With 21-year-old Alacaraz winning on Sunday, he is preparing to dig deep all over again in a few days. Like the exam period or work, you learn from the past. You use your experience and continue to work as hard, if not more, to succeed in the future. I have just given this advice to my son for his next exam.

Here's why digging deep and embracing the slow and steady approach is the key to unlocking your potential:

Expertise takes time. You can't fake knowledge. Whether you're diving into complex science or sharing personal experiences, becoming an expert at anything requires research, reflection, and lived experiences. Consistent effort allows you to build a wealth of expertise that will shine through. Success is built brick by brick. It takes time and patience. Once you have the foundations mastered, you can move to the next stage to continue your success. Prioritise quality over quantity. It's better to be a master of your trade - depth of knowledge and experience is key. We aren’t superhuman and no one can know everything! Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Long-term success requires consistent effort. The more you focus on the building blocks brick by brick, the higher you will climb. Passion. You must enjoy what you do to feel energised and motivated to keep going and to be able to dig deeper.

Here are some tips to help you embrace the slow burn:

Set realistic goals. Don't aim for the top overnight, it takes time. Focus on smaller, achievable goals. Find your joy. Whatever you are doing, working, studying, it should be something you enjoy. Choose a niche you're passionate about, and the work won't feel like a chore. Celebrate small wins. Acknowledge your progress, no matter how small. Did you finally finish that task? Take the time to appreciate your own efforts. Focus on the long game. Remember, building success is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process of learning and growing. When you look back, you will be proud to see how far you have come.

Getting to the end goal may feel overwhelming, but don't let the pressure for instant success get you down. Just think, Alcaraz has worked for years to be able to win the big tournaments and he will need to use his knowledge and experience to push hard and win again at the next one. If we all embrace the slow burn, focusing on quality over quantity, success will follow. And remember, patience and perseverance are your superpowers!

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