28. 02. 2018

Seven attributes of a brilliant Recruiter

Seven attributes of a brilliant recruiter

Great listener
Communication is key in recruitment and active listening is what can make or break a conversation. Being a good listener also reduces the risk of any awkward issues arising in the future too! Listening to what a candidate wants from a role, or what a client wants from a new employee takes patience and perseverance. The more you listen, the more you’ll discover!

Emotional Intelligence
To be aware of, control and be able to express and understand one’s emotions, handling it with empathy and sympathy will set you apart from the stereotypical sales-driven recruiter. Understanding why a person is looking for a particular career choice or future will ensure you can help them find the right role for them.

What sets the good recruiters apart from the brilliant recruiters is confidence. The confidence to put others at ease, ask the right questions, believe in what you’re doing and question decision-makers is what will help you be a success. To develop confidence, understand the industry inside and out, being able to speak intelligently about the roles you’re working on.    

There are many stages of relationship building in recruitment including attraction, nurturing and conversion. The way a recruiter works with candidates and clients throughout the process must be genuine. They have to be able to work and connect with lots of different types of people, understanding their requirements quickly.

Put in the time now and you will reap the virtues later! Combine patience and listening and you’ll help people find their perfect role quickly.  

An honest recruiter is able to provide constructive feedback to a candidate who isn’t right for a role, and provide advice to the client who isn’t sure what type of employee they need. Being honest means being able to feed back on topics including salary, reasons for leaving jobs, background checks and more to ensure you’re placing the right candidate in the right role.

Problem solver
A client needs to fill a role in 24 hours but has no job description or alary confirmed, what do you do? A great recruiter isn’t baffled by such a request and sets to work on solving the problem! This ability develops with experience over time, but a can-do attitude is a must-have to being a great problem solver.