28. 02. 2018

Recruitment myths busted

Myth #1: Recruitment is just a sales job

For some people that’s how they like to see recruitment, so no wonder it has such a bad rep! But for us, recruitment is about relationships and listening. We know in the long term getting to know our clients and candidates means we develop trust and commitment, so that the recruitment process becomes easier and more efficient for all involved.

Myth #2: They care about targets, not people

We get to the heart of your career choices to understand you and what you’re looking for. Those types of relationships are hard to develop if all you care about are conversion rates and commission. It only takes one perfect candidate to fill a role, so we concentrate on finding that perfect person for that perfect position. We don't offer 10 unsuitable candidates in the hope that one sticks. 

Myth #3: All I’ll be doing is pushing CVs

We can’t speak for all agencies, but when you work at Jems, pushing CVs is just NOT how we work. So much so that we offer companies the chance to meet candidates without having seen their CV, we’re that confident that our screening process means we know what clients need. We don’t monitor CV to placement ratios, or applicant to interview ratios. As we've said all it takes is one person to be the perfect candidate for a role. So finding that one person is what we set out to do.

Myth #4: There’s no career progression

There are many ways to progress within the business including specialising in a niche area to become an expert in your field, moving into management or even a director role. The scope of your career can expand from direct recruitment to people management, budgeting, strategy, marketing and more.

Myth #5: It’s cut throat

Not every recruitment business shares the attitude of not letting anything get in the way of their £10k commission, we have a lot more integrity than that. Our recruiters mean as much to us as our candidates and clients. We work together to create successful placements and futures! 

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