09. 06. 2021

Recruitment - a process or an experience?

The job market is now booming, with the hiring rate reaching a 23-year high and the Permanent Placement Index showing high levels of recruitment. However, companies across a wide range of sectors are struggling to find the appropriate talent to join them. It’s so positive to hear that companies are hiring again, but it’s also providing employers with fresh challenges, how can they attract the talent needed to sustain business growth? For many, the recruitment process is just that, a process, one that is often disconnected and frustrating. But for me it’s an experience and it should be for you too.

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a candidate looking for a new role, here are my top 5 tips which will help you to have a positive recruitment experience:

1. Be specific – the more information you give, the more selective the recruiter will be on your behalf
2. Be generous with your time – if you are willing to speak in detail it will help the recruiter to find out your specific requirements
3. Be open with your information – a good honest conversation will build a strong connection instantly and a trusted working relationship will follow
4. Make and maintain contact – this will allow flow of information and two way conversation, building a depth of understanding between you and the recruiter
5. Champion your Recruiter – we are here to support you through the entire experience, we have a passion for helping

So, if you are looking for the next step in career or looking to hire new talent, remember recruitment should be an exciting next step for everyone involved. Contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can provide a positive recruitment experience for you. 

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