12. 05. 2018

Is it time to ditch the CV?

A CV doesn’t showcase your personality
We value our conversations and discussions with candidates a helluva lot more than their CV. We get to find out if you’ll be the right fit for a company and will have the right attitude to excel in your role. Things that override a CV any day of the week.

It’s passive leading to downplaying of achievements
You don’t really get the chance to shout about what you did when you’ve only got two pages to include all relevant information. Fitting your six month charity expedition into a short bullet point doesn't quite do it justice does it?

It doesn’t account for life events
In short you lose the complete picture of someone’s life that’s shaped their ability. Recruiters will look at most recent employment, and with the average recruiter looking at a CV for just five-seven seconds, it doesn't give you much of a chance  to explain the charity work you’ve been committed to for five years or the apprenticeship scheme with a leading industry figure three years ago. That's why we always like you to pick up the phone and call us, so we can hear about all of your experiences.

It doesn’t protect you against bias
If you’re over 50, you’ll have a long work history of experience and knowledge which should be something to shout about. But to certain biased employers they could jump to the wrong conclusion that your older years mean you’re disconnected to the industry. Of course, we'd neevr work with companies that are like that, but it is just another reason why the CV is becoming a bit of a detriment.

It’s far too easy to embellish
You can hide less than ideal work behind a fancy title. And if you don’t have quite the right experience you can embellish your skills in the hope you can work it out later. 

We’re still debating what the right resolution is to ditching the CV altogether. With video CVs on the rise, could the SnapChat CV take off? The jury is still out on this one.

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