07. 10. 2018

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you

Either way, the thought of changing jobs is something which has probably crossed your mind. You may have browsed through some recruitment sites, mentioned it to friends and it might even be how you found this article. Something though has stopped you from updating your CV and applying for the role...

And so, instead, you watch as the clock turns to 15:33.

So, what stops you from trying a new challenge?
Ultimately, there's a very rational reason for keeping you from accepting a new challenge: it’s fear.

There are so many logical excuses holding you back and it’s the person making the explanations that are the most likely to believe them too.

So what are the most obvious fears that we hear stopping people from taking the next step in their career:

Whilst you might not have everything you dream of in your current job, it’s stable. You’ll ask yourself: will my new job have the same comfortabilities?

The truth?

Probably not.

Well, not at first anyway.

You’ll go into a new job and be faced with new tests: work, training, making friends…

But that’s the challenge and that’s where you’ll grow as a person and in your career. You aren’t expected to know how to do everything and asking questions is seen as a positive. Ultimately if you’re honest with yourself and your interviewer, before you even get the job, about what you can and cannot do then they won’t expect you to know how to do tasks outside of your skillset – yet.

There aren’t many people who don’t prioritise their salary, it can feel like a sign of progression too. Weighing up your current salary with a new one can make the leap seem more appealing. This is alongside distance too, if you have to spend more on travel and the salary difference is negligible it might not seem worth the move.  Something to consider is assessing the opportunities you could have at a new company or the lack of opportunities you currently have and if the chances of getting an increase in salary, either imminently or in the near future, is worth a small sacrifice.

As far as fear, on moving to a new job, goes there can be mitigating circumstances such as mortgages, family and financial obligations that mean you can’t take a lower wage. It’s always good though, before you reject the role, to discuss this with your recruiter. We have excellent relationships with our clients and would always be happy to voice a salary concern and see if we can negotiate on your behalf.

One of your biggest fears may be that you might not be able to progress within this role. Success is key – it’s important to your image and who doesn’t like telling people they’ve got a promotion? If you’ve been in the same company, you might be holding out for a promotion or hoping someone senior leaves and you’ll be given their position. 

You can ask your interviewer what progression looks like in the company and the chances of you moving up within your career. This is both informative for you and also shows your commitment to staying and progressing.

Ability to be good at the job
It's usual to worry about whether you’ll be good at your new job. Whether you’re on your own or working in a team you’ll feel it’s important to impress.  We have our top advice here on how to pass your probation.

Company culture
What will your new work colleagues be like? Will you eat lunch on your own? Will they be friendly? What do you say to new people? When you join a new environment of people who already know each other, it can be daunting.  Most companies are welcoming, most people, in general, will be friendly and as you become more confident in the office you’ll integrate more and more into the team until they forget you are the “New Guy.” It isn’t as easy to guarantee what your office will be like but you can ask in the interview what the people are like. If you have your interview in the office it’s good to see how they react to you and you can also get a feel for their personalities.

So, whilst your fears are not unwarranted they are the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals. If you have a dream and want to make it happen, then make it happen. You have the skills, the time, knowledge and we’ll support you to be able to try new experiences.

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