07. 05. 2018

How to write the perfect job description

It’s very easy to panic as soon as someone hands in their notice. You scramble around your computer to find the job description you used to hire them way back when, and use this out-dated document as the benchmark for future candidates. But taking the time to review, evaluate and amend the role and the person you want to attract will set you up for a very successful placement. Here are our top tips on how to write the perfect job description:

Ensure you’re clear on what the job will entail
You may find the role has evolved from when you first advertised for it so reflect on what you need the role to do now and where it fits in the company hierarchy. Look at the core set of skills required for the role and be mindful not to put off potential employees by asking for skills unnecessarily niche.

Look at the company as a whole
Are their skills that are missing from the company that you need this person to have? Will they eventually need to be at a managerial level quite quickly? How do they interact with other stakeholders in the company?

Be professional but reflect your company’s personality
This is our most polite way of saying don’t be boring! Get your company’s ethos and culture to shine through the content of the job description. Talk about your company’s great social life or flexible working scheme. Anything to personalise your job description to the company.

Don’t embellish
Don’t dress up a job to be something it is not. Be honest and upfront about the job role and responsibilities expected. On average, one third of new hires quit their job after about six months, one of the reason being the job was not as it was described. Don’t put yourself through the effort of hiring a candidate for them to leave and then having to start the recruitment process all over again.

Ensure you feature all of the important information including:  
Job title


Salary range

Skills required

Position information

Contact info

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