09. 05. 2018

Do you have any questions for us?

Without exception, at the end of every interview you will be asked, 'Do you have any questions for us?' The answer to this question can say as much about you as the entire interview itself. It illustrates how engaged and interested you are, and whether you’ve been listening to the interviewer. Plus it’s the last chance to leave them with a good impression of who you are. As Jems Recruitment's Managing Director, Jo Samuels, explains: ‘We find it really telling when a candidate doesn’t ask any questions. Do they believe they know everything?’

But there are some important things to remember about this minefield of a question too. If you could answer your question simply by googling it, then don’t ask it. You should know it by now. Examples of this are:

What’s the name of the CEO (Check their company LinkedIn page)

What products do you sell? (Check their website)

Do you have any other offices? (Again, check their website)

What social media profiles do you have? (Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

So what are great questions to ask? Here are some perfect examples, just make sure they weren’t answered during the interview already before you ask them.

What does a typical day look like in this role?

What are the key things that need to be achieved by this person in the first three months?

What’s the rest of the team like?

Could you talk to me about the company culture?

Of course, as you know you won’t ask about salary or holiday allowance. This can all be discussed at offer stage, but showing an interest in the position and how the company team works is a sure fire way to leave the interview on a very positive note, and bag you that offer of employment.

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