25. 01. 2023

Ask the experts: how Jems found the perfect Financial Professional

We have learnt from working with Financial sector clients that the combination of skills, experience, relevant qualifications and personality need to be just right to find the perfect candidate. A true understanding of this specialism is essential for us to be able to make key connections across the industry and seek out the right individuals for our clients. We regularly update on legislative changes and market insights to ensure our advice is sound.

About the Company:

Number of Employees: With around a 190-person workforce and a mortgage team of around 40

The Bigger Picture - Recruitment Across the Organisation: The need for recruitment is primarily due to business expansion. Staff numbers have increased significantly across all areas in line with growth and there has been an ongoing need to recruit Mortgage Underwriters. The company has also come to us to recruit in several other specialist teams across the business.

The Financial Professional role – How we helped:
One Underwriter placed by us has since progressed to Senior Underwriter, having had 16 years’ underwriting experience within first and second charge mortgages.

Our Approach:
With this particular company we work with the hiring Managers as well as HR so it’s a team effort from start to finish. This is from initial vacancy through first and second interviews, to offer. We are also involved throughout the checking procedure to ensure candidates submit their documents and start dates run smoothly. It is a more complex process to make sure there is no risk to the client when employing someone. 

The Result:
The team has grown extensively over the last couple of years and employees are able to apply for more senior level roles as well as related courses to enhance personal development which has created a stable workforce and high levels of employee engagement.  

What the client says about us:
“Jems are very thorough and actually care. Both about us and the candidates. What we like about Jems is that they don’t just put anyone forward and don’t see candidates as numbers but people. Jems have really got to know our business and what we are looking for so we know that the candidates sent through will be a good team fit. Having previous experience in similar roles is of importance for most of our roles but we also have values in a personality that will fit in with our company culture. Jems understands what we are looking for and type of person we want: driven, entrepreneurial and a team worker. Jems has a good success rate in finding those qualities. They have helped us in employing staff across all divisions and we only align ourselves with Jems. They consistently come back to us with good candidates and we’ve built up a relationship which we want to continue.”

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