22. 02. 2023

Applying to a new job - do’s and dont's

Living in a world of clickable links, managing our lives on the go and at the touch of a button via a variety of Apps and social media content is quick and efficient for most things. However, it’s important that you really invest time in your job search. You might ask why it matters if you click “Apply” to a variety of jobs even if you don’t know much about them; surely it helps to keep your options open and casts your job search far and wide? But that’s not the case. By clicking “Apply” without any real knowledge of the position, you are sending the wrong message to potential employers. Once your application is received, the communication begins between you and the company. And if you haven’t researched anything other than job title and salary before applying, how will you respond to a call or email requesting an interview? At what point is it OK to change your mind and not risk damaging any future possibilities with the company? By doing your research first, you will be able to become more engaged with the roles you are really interested in and also keep your options open long term with a range of employers instead of closing them off. 

Here is our list of Do’s and Don’ts which might help you to focus on finding the right jobs to apply to and to avoid those awkward conversations in the future. There really is only one don’t but it’s quite a major one….

  • Don’t click apply just based on salary and job title
  • Do read the job ad thoroughly
  • Do check the location for commuting time
  • Do ask more questions before applying
  • Do check whether the role is office-based, remote or hybrid
  • Do check working hours and any shift work involved
  • Do check the duties of the role

At Jems Recruitment, we are always here to discuss your requirements, helping you to find the right jobs to apply to and to get you thinking more deeply about your next career move.  

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