04. 06. 2018

5 reasons why you should speak to a recruiter...

Here are 5 reasons why speaking to a Recruiter can make the experience easier for you:

1. Detailed knowledge of the hiring company
Good Recruiters will know all about the businesses they are hiring on behalf of. They are great advocates for your company since they will understand why potential employees would want to work for you – they should be your biggest fan! As a candidate, a knowledgeable Recruiter will give you more information about the company, helping you to decide whether it’s the right job for you, something you may not find out from an online search. It’s the detailed approach which makes sure that time spent interviewing and attending interviews is worthwhile for both sides. 

2. Interview support
Each company differs when it comes to interviews, whether it’s HR, managers or owners of a business interviewing, the right Recruiter will know the process which means candidates can prepare more thoroughly and hirers won’t have to worry about taking time out of their day to interview. Candidates will have a good idea of how the interview will progress, the different stages and most importantly what the focus of the interview will be. Interviewers will be able to structure their interview in advance knowing that candidates are fully aware of the role, company information and process – no surprises along the way for either party! 

3. Someone to manage the entire process, including negotiation
We all know it’s a big decision moving jobs or hiring a new employee. You are looking for the perfect career move, the right role with the right salary too! You are looking for the perfect employee but know it’s going to take time and money to train someone! Finding the right Recruiter to ask questions, put your mind at rest, sound out ideas and negotiate on behalf of each party makes it a much smoother process. They should truly care and be honest with what’s right for everyone, after all, it’s a long-term commitment on both sides. Constructive feedback is useful and a lot easier to relay via a third party. 

4. A recruitment partner 
Recruiters aren’t CV viewers and job order takers. Whether you’re looking for a job or hiring someone, you will have lots of questions before you get to the interview stage and this is where an objective and trusted recruitment partner comes in; they will have the knowledge to answer those questions, whether you are searching for a new job or scoping a new role. A good Recruiter should ask lots of questions, if they don’t, they probably won’t have enough information to support you throughout the journey. 

5. Communication and human interaction 
How many of us prioritise finding the right company culture when looking for a new job or the right personality when hiring an individual for a team? Most of us! Whilst AI can provide some smart tools, online filtering helps speed up a process and narrows the choice, we can’t replace conversation. If you find an experienced Recruiter who wants to understand your requirements, with only one or two conversations they will be able to screen, filter, suggest, support and communicate your requirements. 

When it comes to choosing which method will help you to secure a new job or hire new talent, there are always pros and cons. Here at Jems we promise to uphold our commitment of giving truthful and clear advice to support you through every part of the recruitment journey. You can feel confident that the relationships we build mean we can provide long-term solutions. 

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