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Interview with Sue Edwards on why a good CV is vitally important to a successful job

  • July 23, 2018

Company Name: Premium CVs
Interview Contact Name and Job Title: Sue Edwards. Business owner & CV Writer
Website URL: Premium CVs
Social Media Links: @sjedwardswriter


We are delighted to partner with CV Writer Sue Edwards at Premium CVs. Here she answers some common CV questions...

Do you think CVs are important when applying for a job? Why?

Yes absolutely a CV is important when applying for a job, in fact in most cases you NEED a CV to apply. This may not be the case when applying online, however having a CV to refer to, helps the application process enormously. Many candidates don’t remember the detail of their jobs, so having it already written in a document is invaluable.  

What was it that made you realise the importance of CVs?

Feedback from my clients and my own research into the job hunting process.

How can a bad CV affect someone’s chances of getting a job?

A bad CV potentially means that the candidate will miss out on job opportunities. Lack of detailed information, or too much waffle, are common problems with CVs. Many CVs do not  accurately reflect skills, achievements and experience, and sometimes such information is missing altogether.

How does a good CV help you stand out?

Opinion differs depending on the employer, however, it is important to highlight skills and achievements and ensure that your CV is concise, easy to read and ‘sells’ you. It’s a fact the recruiters will typically only spend up to 10 seconds initially looking at a CV. If it doesn’t say ‘hire me’ within that time, you’ve failed.   

How quickly can you tell if a CV is good or bad? Do employers think the same?

5 to 10 seconds. Yes employers think the same.

How do you help people when they have gaps/periods of no employment in their CVs?

I always try to fill a gap with something positive, even if it’s a career break. Never add anything negative, such as family problems or ill-health to your CV. You must be honest but leave the detail to the interview, if you reach that far.

What do you think about cover letters?

Cover letters are just as important as a CV, although they’re not always required. It gives the candidate the opportunity to go into more detail about part of their CV.

How do you help candidates with their CVs?

Most importantly, I do face-to-face consultations as part of every CV package. This is the most important part of any CV service and allows me to dig deep and find the detail required. Candidates often forget what they have done in their career, so this is important. Whether a CV from scratch is required, or to update an old CV, I can help. I cover all age groups.  

For more information on how Sue Edwards can help you with your CV visit


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