12. 11. 2018

10 ways to immediately increase your productivity

We can all benefit from being more productive with our time. Writing a list, that just keeps growing, isn't the answer. 

So here are 10 ways that will immediately increase your productivity...

1. Have 'you' time in the morning
What do you think is the most productive thing to do first thing in the morning?  Check your phone, emails and your tasks for the day? This isn’t as productive as you think… Instead try focusing on yourself,  having breakfast and starting your day not worrying about work.

2. Be more active
The word “gym” might send a dagger of fear through your heart but if you want to increase your productivity you need to come up with an exercise regime that suits you. Exercise is brilliant for releasing stress while also increases energy – the perfect combination for starting your day!

3. Tackle challenging tasks first
Your task list probably consists of tasks you really don’t want to do… these are the ones you should be tackling first.

Doing these first thing, when you’re feeling fresh, means you’ll be more up for the challenge. Putting it off will also cause you more stress and it will stay on your mind, damaging the rest of your productivity.  

4. Stop multi-tasking
Why do one thing when you can do 10 at once and get it done faster? Because it actually won’t get it done faster! You’ll get tasks completed much faster and more effectively if you focus on only one.

5. Eat and drink 
You can substantially boost your energy and your motivation to be productive just by eating healthily and drinking enough water throughout the day.

 6. De-clutter
“A tidy desk is a tidy mind.” Mess can hinder your productivity and increases stress. Clear out the office regularly to keep productivity high.

7. Ignore your emails
Yes, you read it right – your email can be one the biggest productivity distractors. Decide on certain points of your day you’ll touch base and concentrate on your emails. This might be quite frequent for example every hour or you may not need to access them as often and schedule a check in once a day.

8. Say no
You want to help people out that you work with, it’s nice to help out but sometimes you just have to say no. You have to prioritise your own tasks.

9. Take more breaks
Your to-do list is getting longer, your deadlines are getting closer and 1 p.m. is approaching. What do you do? You might think about working through lunch. This can actually effect your productivity!

Your brain needs a break, you need some time away from your work. Even if you take a 10-minute break instead of an hour. You’ll feel more recharged and ready to get on with your tasks.  

10. Be committed
Probably one of the most important points: you must want to be productive. Commit to improving your productivity and follow these tips to achieve more in your work and day-to-day life.

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