25. 02. 2018

10 things not to do in an interview

1. Ask about salary
You should have a clear indication of salary before you get to interview stage, but the specifics may still be a little up in the air. Getting straight to how much money they’re going to give you makes it seem like that’s all you care about. Employers want to know that you care about the job and the company, not just about the salary. Wait until you at least get the job offer before you start negotiating salary with your prospective employer, if you don’t the job offer probably won’t materialise.  

2. Talk about holiday allowance
We get it, holidays are important, but now’s not the time. Remember you won’t be expected to accept a job offer without knowing all of this information, but you need to get the job offer first! If you’re more worried about holiday the company will assume you’ll spend your time looking at how to get out of work rather than enjoy being in it.

3. Check your watch / mobile
Your focus needs to be on the interview so turn your mobile off! If you have a bad habit of checking your watch, take it off too and put it in your bag.

4. Gossip
Whilst gossiping can seem like a way to kick start a conversation and you may genuinely be interested in why their boss is getting fired/having a breakdown/under a performance review, it really is none of your business and you will come across as a trouble maker. Keep it classy, professional and leave the probing personal questions at the door.

5. Asking about flexible working
Flexible working is a fantastic perk that a lot of companies now offer, but tread lightly when finding out whether your company is on board with the scheme  it or you might not seem very committed to the company. 

6. Bring in food and drinks… or members of your family
We've heard of candidates turning up to interviews with coffees, energy drinks, food and even a parent. It’s a huge no-no and one that will not only lose you the job offer, but probably blacklist you from any further opportunities. Are you really that busy that you can’t eat/drink/hang out with your parent another time?

7. Asking if you got the job
Unless they offer up this information straight away, don’t ask. Just be patient and wait, they will let you know.
8. Being clueless about the company and the job
Asking what you think the company does can be one of the first questions you will get so make sure you’ve got a good answer prepared. And don’t just regurgitate the About Us page on their website. Really try to understand the company, its mission statement and how your role can contribute to its success.

9. Smoke/Vape/Drink alcohol
Do we really need to explain this one? No matter how casual the setting of your interview, smoking/drinking is perhaps the biggest no-no.

10. Yawn
We get it, you’re knackered from staying up late preparing for the interview, but a yawn will make you look bored/fed up/over it. Stifle that yawn until you get out.

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